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Food Preparation Business Licenses


Let’s start a restaurant for the foreign visitors (including your home country) and Japanese domestic residences in Tokyo. Our office support clients to obtain Business Licenses for those planning to Start a Food Business in Tokyo.

There are various categories in food businesses. Food businesses require business license under the Food Sanitation Law and Tokyo Metropolitan Government ordinances

  • In case of 44 categories defined by laws and regulations. In many cases, it will be classified as Food preparation business.
  • If you do not have a visa of Investor/Business manager, first of all you must establish a company for food business. It needs min 5 million yen for obtain VISA of Investor/Business manager.
  • l We will support you to establish a food company and obtain a visa.
Restaurant businesses and Tea- and coffee-shop businesses are included in Food preparation category.
Restaurant businesses
  • Generally Restaurant, Sushi, Soba, Cafe, Bar
Tea- and coffee-shop businesses
  • Generally Coffee shop, Salon (not alcohol)

In case of alcohol business over the midnight
If your bar open even after midnight, another license is needed.

In case of Entertainment and Amusement business
If women attend customers in your bar, another license is needed.

Main procedures for obtaining a business license

  1. Prior consultation
    • Prior consultation must be made with the public health center, presenting an architectural plan of the proposed facility and other materials.
  2. Prepare the application forms It is necessary to meet various permission requirements.
  3. Submit application form
    • A business license application form must be submitted to the health center approximately 10 days before the scheduled completion of the facility (Processing fees are required for application.) , checking the communication method and the inspection date.
  4. On-site inspection
    • A food sanitation inspector performs on-site inspections of the facility to confirm its regulatory conformity.
    • Client must be there. A notice letter will be issued once conformity is verified.
  5. Business license
    • You obtain the license in the public health center later (about 1 week after inspection).
    • Hanko and notice letter are needed.

Apply for a Food Business license

Documents necessary for application form as follows;

Tokyo Metropolitan Welfare and Health Bureau

  1. Business license application form
  2. Comprehensive / deployment diagram of sales facilities
  3. License application fee (jpy18,300 for restaurant and jpy15,800 for coffee shop
  4. Certificate of registered matters (in the case of a corporation)
  5. Water Quality Inspection (When using water reservoir or well
  6. Qualification of food sanitation supervisor

We will support you to obtain the restaurant license

  • Please contact us by phone or email in the first and prepare your visa (residence card of japan) and restaurant plan.
Client and
our office
  • We will explain the procedure, application form you must submit and our fee estimation.
  • If you ask us to support your business, sign the contract and pay the fee and traffic fee.
  • In addition, we will keep application fee at this time.
Our office
  • We prepare various application documents and drawings.
Our office
  • We will submit application documents to the health center.
Client and
our office
  • A food sanitation inspector performs on-site inspections of the facility to confirm its regulatory conformity.

Our survices and fee

Contents Fee (including Tax)
Company Establishment JPY 162,000~
VISA support JPY 216,000~
Financial support JPY 162,000~
(Separately, 5% of total financing amount as a reward for success) 

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We will support your food business in Tokyo.

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